About me

My name is Patrice Salnot, an engineer with specialized expertise in cloud infrastructure, and the leadership of Research & Development teams. My journey commenced as a security consultant before venturing into the realms of marketing, propelled by my fervor for data and technology. With an MBA from EM Lyon and a proven history of launching ventures, including a full-stack SaaS marketing AI platform, my proficiencies encompass security, cloud infrastructure, R&D team management, and inventive marketing strategies. Rooted in this diverse background, I bring a robust foundation in data science to my endeavors.

One of my greatest joys is sharing my experiences in business, infrastructure, and data. Whether it's through mentoring, speaking engagements, or writing, I find fulfillment in helping others navigate the complex terrain of entrepreneurship and technological innovation. Today, I'm committed to fusing my data engineering prowess with an entrepreneurial vision, bringing forth avant-garde solutions aligned with the ever-changing market dynamics. My journey mirrors an unwavering quest for growth, learning, and innovation in the tech and business arena. I absolutely love connecting and conversing with fellow entrepreneurs and learners. Feel free to drop me an email.